App Settings

What the MultiRPC settings do and how you use them.

You can access the settings by clicking on the settings icon on the sidebar.


Select the type of Discord client to use for status Auto, Discord, Discord PTB and Discord Canary.

Auto Start

When the app opens choose what status to automatically start No, RPC (Default) and Custom RPC.


Choose the app language to use for the UI.

AFK Time

Enable this to start a timer on your status

when you set an AFK status that counts up.

Changelog Button

Show the changes and updates for MultiRPC.

Check Update Button

Manually check if the app needs updating, this will not work on the windows store version.

Admin Mode Button

This is an optional setting that allows you to start MultiRPC with windows administrator. Sometimes Discord may require the app to use this so it can set your status properly in some cases.


Do not enable these settings unless you know what you are doing!

Discord Check

Disable the app checking for a valid Discord client when the app starts and when you start RPC.

Token Check

Disable checking if your custom rpc profile is valid using Discord API.

Help Icons

Remove the help icons on custom rpc page.

Taskbar Icon

Disable showing the taskbar icon in the bottom right of your system tray.

Page Tooltips

Disable showing tooltips on sidebar icons.

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