List of changes made to the API
25/1/2023: Done a few fixes to improve stuff - Updated Fluxpoint Website with fixed token creation and regen. - Improved Main API and Gallery API with managing tokens. - Added new rawIcon property to /mc/ping use query &icon=true - Fixed /mc/ping not working on certain servers and versions and improved performance.
12/1/2023: Updated the C# lib (fluxpoint-sharp) to v3.0.0 with latest changes.
8/1/2023: A few sanity checks and nice changes - Added better json body checks for image gen and templates - Added a special achievement to /me with britishAchievement: false (Hint error codes) - Added better error messages and specific error codes for a few endpoints - Added image gen support for query parameter ?output=png which will override the body output response. - Added an updates javascript lib for the API for developers to use
4/1/2023: More fixes :D - Fixed old docs link in endpoint 404 response - Fixed /list/templates not returning a list - Added fallback with endpoints that plural endpoints such as /list/banners with alt /list/banner - Added POST support for /convert/html-markdown and /convert/markdown-html for http clients that don't support body content with GET
1/1/2023: Done some fixes and changes to the API - Fixed old endpoints like /me using status instead of success - Removed useless data from /me and changes response for uppercase to lowercase properties - Update /mc/ping server motd/description trim whitespaces at start and end - Fixed /gen/html not working
7/12/2022: Added new endpoints - Added /dadjoke - 2 new gallery endpoints - Fixed some image gen and templates failing with invalid colors and default to transparent
30/11/2022: Added a way to purchase API access and gift it to other users.
17/7/2022: Added 2 new endpoints. - /convert/html-markdown - /convert/markdown-html
17/7/2022: Added new color info endpoints. - /color/random - /color/info (Accepts ?name=white, ?hex=#ffffff or ?rgb=0,0,0)
29/5/2022: Quality of life changes and fixes. - Unknown endpoints will now show 404 instead of 200 home response. - Added warning hints for /nsfw to use instead. - Added new /mc/ping endpoint that allows you to ping minecraft servers with data.
25/5/2022: Updated image generation. - Added proper error messages to say which parameter failed. - Added a few checks/limits to parameters such as width/height/rgb - Base image does not need width/height when using a image url - Triangle cut now accepts 0,1,2,3 - Text align now accepts 0, 1, 2