Welcome to the BotGhost guide!

If you don't understand what requests, endpoints or json is then this is a good guide on how to get started with using the Fluxpoint API.

A one-time $3 purchase is required to access this API using PayPal or Credit/Debit card. This is lifetime access so you keep it forever while supporting hosting costs. Discord Support: https://discord.gg/fluxpoint Website Demo: https://fluxpoint.dev/api/demo

Sending Requests

It's recommended to download a desktop client for sending/testing API requests before you implement them in your app, you can download the Insomnia rest client here.

Setup Insomnia

  1. Register an account and download the client app for windows. https://insomnia.rest/products/insomnia

  2. Select Url and enter https://github.com/xXBuilderBXx/xXBuilderBXx/blob/master/FPAPI.json

Using with BotGhost

BotGhost does not support file data but we have added our own method using Discord webhooks to send images so you can use the image url in your bot messages.

Import Commands

Gallery Images: https://botghost.com/market/command/lqvmzfsvdzwxgm0rqqa

Image Generation: https://botghost.com/market/command/lqvnloh3rhhrf5e1jq

Setup Webhook

Setup Command

  1. Set the request url to https://api.fluxpoint.dev/gen/custom

  2. Paste your Webhook url in proxy value.

  3. Paste your image gen json in canvas value.

Need more help or stuck on the guide? Join our Discord Server to get help with using the API for your BotGhost bot! https://discord.gg/fluxpoint

If you are getting an error message saying Failed to parse request json this means that your json format is invalid.

You can use a json format checker tool to test for issues. https://jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com/

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